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Galen Mills Monument Sales Quote Form

Thank you for choosing Galen Mills Monument Sales.  We have created this quick and easy quote form for you to fill out and fax or email to us.  We will respond in most cases within 24 hours.  This form will allow for the basic designs, but we can further customize your order for other sizes and designs as needed.  Check the boxes that are appropriate.

Monument Die and Base

l Color:    q Gray      q Black      q Other:______________________________

l Single Monument:                                                     l Double Monument:

q 2-0x0-6x1-8    q 2-0x0-6x2-0                                   q 4-0x0-6x2-0   q 4-6x0-6x2-0

q 2-0x0-8x1-8    q 2-0x0-8x2-0                                   q 4-0x0-8x2-0   q    4-6x0-8x2-0

l    Polished Finish:

            q Polished 2 (Front and back are polished.  Tops and side are rock pitched)

            q Polished 3 (Front, back, and top are polished.  Sides are rock pitched)

            q Polished 5 (All sided are polished)

l   Bases: (Typically bases are about 12 “ longer and 4 “ wider than the monument)

            q Polished top (sides are rock pitched)  

l  Extended Bases:

            q Base to allow for one vase (right or left)   q  Base to allow for 2 vases


-          Family Given Name                                    - Family Given Name (if double monument)

__________________________                    ___________________________

-          Birth Date                                                  - Birth Date (if double monument)

__________________________                    ___________________________

-          Date Of Death                                           - Date Of Death (if double monument)

__________________________                    ___________________________

** Standard lettering is Roman lettering but please specify if another font is desired

l q Name on front and back                 q Name only on front

l         Shape:

            q   Serpentine                           q Oval                                 q    Straight            

l         Additional Phases/Epitaphs or symbols:

            q Phrase:_____________________________________________________________

            q    Placement: (left corner, etc.)_____________________________________________

            q    Symbol:____________________________________________________________

            q    Placement: (left corner, etc.)_____________________________________________

l  Customer name:_____________________________________________________________

     Phone Number:_____________________________________________________________

     Email Address:______________________________________________________________

    Shipping Address:____________________________________________________________

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